Delta Dash: Push your limits!

How many of your Saturdays are spent binge watching your favorite shows or enjoying dinner out with friends? Sure those things are fun, but do they really challenge you? What if your Saturday consisted of running an obstacle course through the mud, across a creek, over hay bales and a few surprises?

That would be challenging. That is Delta Dash! And it happens on Saturday, September 29 at Lower Bryant’s Landing in Stockton.

Delta Dash, Stockton
Test your limits at Delta Dash!

Get off the couch

This year get off the couch and get ready for the chance to test your endurance, stamina, resilience and decision making skills. Can you scale a hay bale with the climbing skills of a spider? Can you wade across the creek and crawl through the mud all while staying on pace to complete the course?

Yes, you can! The course is designed to welcome participants of all lifestyles and ages. It is meant to test your limits – whatever those are. You can make the course as challenging as you want.

Be in the know

Delta Dash, Stockon
Challenge yourself!


The course distance will be between three and four miles. You can choose from the competitive and non-competitive heats. If you are striving for an award, you’ll want the competitive ones. If you are running just to challenge yourself, the non-competitive is for you.

Bring the family. There is no age limit for the race, but those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. And everyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. No worries if you aren’t a swimmer, the water and mud areas are not deep.

Team spirit

Delta Dash, Stockton
Running the course with a friend.


Delta Dash is great fun for groups. If you want to run together, just be sure to sign up for the same heat and enter your team name at registration.

For more information, visit Delta Dash online or follow them on Facebook.