Fairhope Film Festival

Hear from the film makers and screenwriters during the festival.

Lights, Camera, Action! The 2017 Fairhope Film Festival rolls November 9-12 in the heart of the quaint, bayside city of Fairhope. This marks the 5th year for the event which has flourished in an arts community renowned for its eclectic creativity. The five festival venues are all within walking distance of each other amidst the backdrop of award-winning, floral-filled streets.

Fairhope’s Film Festival is a movie lover’s dream, offering participants the opportunity to see world-class, award-winning films that include notable foreign and feature films, plus documentaries and shorts. The emphasis is squarely focused on the art of film making and the experience of seeing exceptional films. Directors, actors, and screenwriters from all over the globe will be featured on panels, and at screenings and social events. Everyone loves a good story and each year the festival delivers enthralling stories guaranteed to enlighten and inspire film lovers from all walks of life.

Hear from the film makers and screenwriters during the festival.
Hear from the film makers and screenwriters during the festival.


Southern hospitality has a starring role during the four day festival. From the opening party to the closing event, the festival is over the top in providing the perfect atmosphere for attendees. Fun, food, entertainment, learning and networking will share equal billing in this one-of-a-kind Coastal Alabama experience.  We invite you to come sit a spell on our front porch stage and experience the best of the best.

Join in the fun in Fairhope.
Join in the fun in Fairhope.


Various ticket prices are available including weekend passes and total event packages. For information about the schedule, tickets and the films to be screened check out www.fairhopefilmfestival.org.

All photos courtesy of Fairhope Film Festival.

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